Why a Modern Data Center is Essential for the Digital Economy

Why a Modern Data Center is Essential for the Digital Economy

Digital disruption is turbo-charging the pace of business, and the companies that survive and thrive will be those that can innovate fastest. Line-of-business leaders and developers are reaching out to your IT team for help. To stay competitive, you need to give them rapid access to the services, apps, and resources they need for today’s dynamic market—and tomorrow’s new demands.

If this sounds daunting, you’re not alone. A Gartner survey found that 59 percent of IT professionals believe that their IT organizations are unprepared for the digital business of the next two years. Building an IT environment that can support changing business imperatives isn’t easy. You’re facing:

– Complex, heterogeneous environments that can slow you down

– Operational and compliance risks from cloud siloes and outdated management

– Static or shrinking IT budgets

How can you tackle these challenges? Employing a software-defined approach to modernizing the data center can position you to deliver infrastructure, applications, data, and IT services—on demand, with improved agility.

Toward a modernized data center

VMware provides a path toward a modernized data center that starts by focusing on two IT initiatives: modernizing the infrastructure through best-in-class compute, storage, and network virtualization technologies; and automating IT operations with industry-leading cloud management.

Modernize infrastructure

A modern infrastructure lets you extend the efficiency of virtualization across the entire data center, including compute, storage, and networking layers, with common management across all three. It’s based on a software-defined infrastructure built on hyper-converged architecture that reaches across private and public clouds, minimizing IT risks and lowering costs. With a modernized infrastructure, you can:

– Evolve the data center without risk

– Lower total cost of ownership

– Scale to grow with the business

Automate IT

IT automation is the second key initiative to modernize the data center. Although compute virtualization lets you apply some degree of automation to provisioning compute and storage resources, configuring associated network and security services still requires manual processes that are simply too slow.

By virtualizing and automating the delivery of IT services, you can:

– Automate for full-stack provisioning of infrastructure and applications

– Virtualize networking and security components into the hypervisor layer

– Streamline infrastructure and application lifecycle management

Take advantage of new opportunities

VMware is the industry leader in virtualization and cloud technologies, and we can help you take the next steps toward a modernizing your data center. Our solution portfolio helps you build a software-defined environment of natively integrated compute, storage, and network virtualization technologies with automation and management, to support any workload—from traditional enterprise applications to modern cloud-native applications.


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