Prevention Platform Security

Compnet prevention platform security is changing the way organizations approach cybersecurity by stopping unknown threats before they can land in your environment with the highest accuracy and lowest false positive rate in the industry. For your organization this means fewer alerts to chase, true prevention of ransomware and zero-day threats, and greater assurance that the attackers will not succeed.

Key Advantages

Improves SOC Efficiency and Lowers TCO

Optimize SOC efficiency while lowering total cost of ownership and achieve >99% efficacy in preventing unknown threats with a <0.1% false positive rate. <20ms file scans reduce server load and operational expenses, maintaining cost-efficiency, even at scale.

Ease of Management

Streamline management with a single console across the platform, with automated remediation and thorough, easy-to-analyze threat reports. Integration with SIEM and SOAR enhances operational efficiency and control.

Ensure Full Data Transparency and Compliance Readiness

Maintain data privacy and log all file scans to ensure compliance readiness, providing a robust framework for adhering to corporate standards. Files never leave your environment – only the hash is sent to the management console or SIEM for further analysis.

Automated Analysis and Classification

Gain unique threat classification capabilities to accelerate and improve investigations. All prevented events (hash only) are sent to the Deep Instinct console and can be integrated with your SIEM, SOAR, or other security solutions via REST API, Syslog, or SMTP.

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