Artificial Intelligence

Compnet specifically prepares AI solutions to accelerate digital transformation and adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Indonesia.  Led by experienced personnel with extensive technology and R&D experience, the team has onsite high-performance computing resources specifically designed for Artificial Intelligence solutions.  It allows us to quickly iterate and find perfectly tuned algorithms to provide the best predictions for our customers.

Face Biometrics

The AI solution maximizes the use of facial biometrics to a broader range.  First, you can welcome guests with a friendly digital voice then manage new visitor registrations with an integrated system. You can also use the facial biometrics for daily company needs, such as monitoring employee attendance.  The attendance log will be produced in real-time and integrated with the HR System.

Best Security System

This AI also ensures the security of the company.  When an intruder enters a restricted area, the security system immediately recognizes it and alerts it.

Business Data Information

For retailers, Compnet’s AI-powered analytics helps provide information such as the number of people, customer gender profile, and rate of return accurately.

Monitoring Vehicles in Industry.

AI also monitors vehicles passing through the control gate based on the driver’s face or car number plate, making this solution applicable to almost any industry.  Data is recorded in various validation, verification, and pattern analysis types.

In Public Space

In the train stations, airports, hospitals, and other public service facilities, our AI-based fever screening solutions are designed to recognize faces and detect abnormal temperatures accurately.  This solution works on either single or multiple fronts, with glasses or a face mask.

Other Solutions

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