Intelligent Security

In the era of mobility, traditional security approaches are no longer relevant. To answer the challenge of the future, Compnet brings you modern security approaches.

Instead of an internal one, our security approaches are based on a zero-trust model that considers all resources to be external and verifies trust continuously for the workforce, workloads, and workplace before granting only the required access. It is considerably more secure to the corporate network.

We provide peace of mind through global threat intelligence, advanced sandboxing, real-time malware blocking to prevent breaches, and continuously analyze file activity across extended networks to quickly detect and overcome advanced malware.

For development teams, our application security helps to improve security practices. It prevents, finds, and fixes security issues within the application life cycle, from analysis and design to implementation, verification, and maintenance.

Learn more about our Solution, its features, benefit and the business problems its help to solve.

Download :

Compnet Solution – Cisco Web Base Security (PDF)

Compnet Solution – Cisco Meraki (PDF)

Compnet Solution – Votiro (PDF)

Compnet Solution – DeepInstinct (PDF)



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