Hybrid cloud is the beginning of various emerging information technologies. The on-demand availability of IT resources helps to maintain any business virtually, –start with the computing resources to the AI (artificial astuteness)/ML (machine learning) resources.

Cloud technology assists the company in being cost-efficient. The company can acquire the needed IT resources through the cloud without the urgent need to invest in on-premise IT.

Works as a system integrator, Compnet avails you through this IT transformation. The company only needs to buy the resources according to the necessities and the type of resources the company intends to have.

Furthermore, Compnet correspondingly distributes accommodations in establishing, consultation, mentoring, and maintenance beyond the cloud solution. Through this service, we will aid you in transforming from archaic work habits to future technology.

Our Services

AWS Integration

Based on the customer's requests, we select AWS service functions, create configuration parameters, and design the AWS environment.

AWS Operation

We provide operation support to continuously manage the system to ensure stable and secure operation of the customer's system.


Compnet provide integration with multiple ISV product and provide one stop maintenance.

Our Certifications