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We understand that the enterprise has a business process that makes them unique and unsuitable to existing prepacked software. This is where one of our main strengths lies. We build a customized software solution to suit your company’s requirements, powered by the latest and anticipated future technology.

Over years of experience in delivering advanced software solutions to large-scale enterprises – an entire development cycle from analysis and design, development, testing, to implementation services – we refer to the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) process. Compnet is, particularly in Indonesia, one of the few CMMI-certified companies.


Data Analytics

Nowadays, data analytics has become more critical, as decision-making and business direction rely heavily on it. We can imagine how important it is in the future. While digital technology serves your company with numerous data faithfully, you might lose the perspective and knowledge inherent in it unless you employ a Data Analytic solution that enables you to make sense and deliver relevant insights into the nature of your business.

Our solution analyzes data from middle to top-level management to provide a wide range of information such as accumulations, summaries, and statistics. AI supports those things to give our system the thinking ability of a particular expert and a machine learning technology to make our system even smarter automatically from time to time.


Content Services Platform

You can count on our Content Services Platform (CSP) to strategically use your company’s growing documents, reports, photos, drawings, invoices, emails, any content. This CSP solution allows enterprises to create, collaborate, share, transform, and utilize that content for business processes. Hence, the business can perform their best and get the insight they need to improve.

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