Helpful Engagement, Reliable Delivery, Excellent Solution. Focus on your business performance. View some of our cases Or scroll to get know us better Staying Helpful and Reliable Compnet and CTC continue to support our customers' business performance. Trust Your IT Solution To Support your IT Solution, our team is divided into their own expertise from design & planning, deployment process and technical support / maintenance. Total system integration is what excel in. From the lowest physical layer to the highest business application layer, you may trust us to deliver the best solution.

Helpful Engagement, Reliable Delivery, Excellent Solution. Focus on your business performance. View some of our cases Or scroll to get know us better New Artificial Intelligence
Center of Excellence
As a Total ICT Solution company, we strive to offer innovative solutions and services to our customers. Compnet’s new solutions based on the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology will enable businesses to PREDICT crucial information. The ability to predict these information will differentiate our customers and give them competitive advantage in this disruptive technology era. The new AI Center of Excellence ensures Compnet's leading position as an AI Solution Provider catering to the unique and specific needs of our clients.

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As a leader in Total ICT Solution Partner, Compnet holds various industry certifications, offers extensive experience, and is devoted in its responsibility to ensure compliance, security, and satisfaction. With the trust & business given by our customers, we grow through & consistently keep on developing our certified & skillful engineering team,

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Software Solutions

Compnet is, particularly in Indonesia, one of the few CMMI-certified companies. We understand that the enterprise has a business process that makes them unique and unsuitable to existing prepacked software. This is where one of our main strengths lies. We build a customized software solution to suit your company’s requirements, powered by the latest and anticipated future technology.

and Infrastructure

The difficulties to configure an ever-complexing network can slow down the potentially rapid innovations. We understand enterprise does not want it to happen as it gives competitors the edge to take over on the nearest corner in nowadays race to survive and grab new opportunities.

Data Center
and Virtualization

Digitalization plays an essential part in business. It is the prominent part of transforming the business operation to gain pace and effectiveness, to survive and thrive. 

Intelligent Security Solution

We provide peace of mind through global threat intelligence, advanced sandboxing, real-time malware blocking to prevent breaches, and continuously analyze file activity across extended networks to quickly detect and overcome advanced malware.

and Colaboration

A solid relationship relates to reliable business. That’s why to maintain your relationship with the business partner and the customer; we provide not only a high-quality online meeting service. Another supporting tech, such as the native cloud contact center, is leveraging digital-first communication channels and AI-powered assistance. Together our techs will consistently provide customers with delightful experiences while your agents can work remotely.

Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Our IoT solution focuses but is not limited to 3 pillars: building management system, manufacturing, and customization. These pillars help enterprises gain competitiveness to conquer the industry 4.0 era and beyond – armed with much better productivity, effectiveness, and reduced costs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions

Compnet specifically prepares AI solutions to accelerate digital transformation and adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Indonesia.  Led by experienced personnel with extensive technology and R&D experience, the team has onsite high-performance computing resources specifically designed for Artificial Intelligence solutions.  It allows us to quickly iterate and find perfectly tuned algorithms to provide the best predictions for our customers.

managed services

Managed Services

The Managed Services bring a whole reliable IT division, or part of it according to companies’ needs, with a strong commitment to delivering service excellence in its operation. To ensure the operational quality is in line with global standards, our managed services personnel are equipped with ITIL, CompTia, Lean Six Sigma, and other several reputable certifications.



Compnet correspondingly distributes accommodations in establishing, consultation, mentoring, and maintenance beyond the cloud solution. Through this service, we will aid you in transforming from archaic work habits to future technology.

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