Making the Invisible Visible in Indonesia’s Energy Industry

In Indonesia’s dynamic energy landscape, digital twins, exemplified by James Fisher AIS R2S, offer real-time visibility into assets, effectively addressing challenges encompassing declining reserves and aging infrastructure. Collaborations with local experts PT Nusantara Compnet Integrator, a Total ICT Solutions partner in Indonesia, enhance the implementation of these cutting-edge technologies. As highlighted in APAC Outlook Magazine, digitalization proves indispensable for remote operations, mitigating asset downtime, and optimizing overall efficiency.

By fostering strategic partnerships with local experts, national oil companies, and local energy producers can systematically maximize the potential of their operations. Notably, the deployment of digital twins has already demonstrated significant benefits, markedly reduced travel time and fostering collaboration at a remote LNG production facility. As Indonesia aims to expand its energy industry, embracing digital solutions and flexible business models, along with strategic partnerships, will be imperative for success across diverse energy sectors.

By providing access to real data, digital twins enable Indonesian operators to have eyes on assets and operations that are thousands of kilometers away. Raj Kaushal, Senior Business Development Manager for APAC at James Fisher AIS, explains.

Source APAC Outlook Magazine Expert eye:




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