Accelerating Retail Growth with a New, Flexible Style of IT

Accelerating Retail Growth with a New, Flexible Style of IT

Hybrid IT helps retail SMBs leverage a stable, reliable, and cost-efficient infrastructure that enhances productivity and allows IT departments to focus on customer engagement.

The digital age is driving a massive paradigm shift in the way organizations operate and cater to their customers. Dramatic increases in customer data volumes are challenging IT departments to quickly and securely transform this data into actionable business insight to ensure the optimal customer experience. Particularly for retailers, the ability to efficiently manage customer data and streamline operations is key to continued growth and success. In order to survive, businesses must find ways to deploy new services and applications, reduce costs, and satisfy evolving customer demands to provide a superior shopping experience.

Today, technological advancements geared to IT scalability, mobility, and agility are revolutionizing the retail sector. Ensuring competitive advantage hinges on the adoption of transformative solutions that help companies transition to a hybrid infrastructure to protect business-critical data, promote faster decision-making, and enhance workplace productivity. Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) looking to better understand and serve their customers can benefit greatly from a new, flexible style of IT that is right-sized for their individual business needs.

For retailers, the need to better engage customers is leading companies to prioritize IT modernization in their business strategies. Digital market trends such as social shopping and chat bots are increasing customer engagement with a personalized and real-time approach, while mobile commerce, virtual retail, and personalized targeting are challenging retailers to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience.

Retail CIOs are seeking an infrastructure that is capable of quickly and cost-effectively providing services which enable an integrated customer experience. Hybrid IT solutions like the HPE ProLiant Easy Connect deliver a powerful combination of on-premises IT and cloud capabilities, providing visibility and simplified management of an IT environment. Retail SMBs are utilizing in-house IT, private cloud, and public cloud to optimize IT performance despite limited capital and staff resources. Investing in hybrid technologies helps businesses leverage a stable, flexible, and cost-efficient infrastructure that enhances productivity and allows IT departments to focus on customer engagement.

Additional benefits of flexible Hybrid IT solutions include:

– Comprehensive IT infrastructure – Integrated servers, storage, networking, and software accelerate the execution of complex workloads.

– Seamless IT innovation – SMBs can adopt and deploy new technologies as needed, based on their on-premises IT and cloud requirements.

– Increased performance – Hybrid support offer the same enterprise-quality services, helping SMBs to monitor and maintain their hybrid environments.

– IT automation – Automating and provisioning compute resources enhances the speed and quality of operations.

Hybrid IT creates a flexible compute platform that enables enhanced performance and scalability to support a growing business. Retailers are rapidly investing in these comprehensive IT platforms in order to improve customer interaction, provide better product availability, leverage an omnichannel experience, and deliver an enhance shopping experience both online and in-store. Retailers rely on a provider with extensive resources to help resolve and prevent digital disruptions and equip SMBs with the right technologies to satisfy their business goals.

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