Cisco Firepower + IBM QRadar: Integration for Enhanced Security Protection

Cisco Firepower + IBM QRadar: Integration for Enhanced Security Protection

Cybercriminals are more creative, more relentless, and more strategic than ever, working feverishly to extract as much sensitive data as they can, and often inflicting considerable damage upon today’s businesses.  Considering the dynamic, ever-growing threat landscape that continues to increase security blind spots, response teams find themselves lost amid the growing complexity of defending their networks.  Security analysts find themselves, aimlessly, chasing down a myriad of security incidents and alerts as a result of the multiple vendor products under their management.  Without integrated tools that capture, correlate and prioritize these incidents, rapidly analyzing and remediating threats becomes extremely challenging, if impossible.

These security challenges highlight the imperative for tighter, more integrated security solutions that provide security analysts with tools to detect, block, and remediate threats in real-time to protect the business.

This is where Cisco Security and IBM Security have partnered to tackle these challenges by providing robust, integrated security solutions.  We have integrated our Firepower (Next-Generation Firewall) technology with IBM’s QRadar SIEM to provide a network security solution that simplifies and accelerates threat defense for security analysts.  This integration provides the ability to quickly identify and eliminate suspicious activity within their network, making it easy to protect their critical resources.  This technology collaboration provides simple, open, and automated security for fast threat detection that:

           – Enhances visibility across the entire network, cloud, and endpoints.

           – Reduces incident response times, allowing faster threat identification and containment.

           – Delivers deep, rich insights for threat investigation and remediation.

Together, Firepower + QRadar delivers a tightly integrated security architecture that easily adapts to rapidly changing threats, and protects businesses as they continue to innovate and grow.

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