Partnership Announcement COMPNET and VOTIRO


Votiro and Compnet today announced a partnership to bring world class cyber security to the Indonesian market.

Nusantara Compnet Integrator (a Total ICT Solution company in Indonesia, strategic partner of the CTC group) announced today a partnership with Votiro (a passionate team of cyber security experts with its headquarters in Austin, TX) to redefine file security, so can improve business performance with freely and confidence.

This partnership will enable Compnet to serve Votiro’s customers in Indonesia as their local partner, providing the best file security protection after decades of struggling to keep malicious threats from infiltrating their organizations.

There have been many solutions used by Indonesian IT users – all of which claimed to keep them secure and protect them against all kinds of attacks. However, the reality is, they haven’t become any safer; they’ve just become busier. Spending too much time and money searching for threats, blocking suspicious files, and repairing damaged documents, but not actually resolving the problem. In the end, the solutions have still not solved anything.

In collaboration with Votiro, Compnet envisions a world that is free of threats. A time when emails can be opened without worrying about what’s inside. Where files can be downloaded or uploaded from anywhere. A world where business flows freely. It’s built into our day-to-day lives. This is why Compnet brought the secure file gateway built by Votiro to Indonesia. Our aim is not to provide another treatment for the existing security problem but to provide a permanent solution.

“We believe that collaboration between Compnet and Votiro will bring a peace of mind for many organisations to protect their digital asset from malicious actors. Compnet has long period serve the Indonesian customers and had knowledges about how to bring new technology fit with the need of their customers. We had developed 8 certified and skilful engineering teams, and we will continue to consistently expand them together with Votiro to implement this solution efficiently and properly for the benefit of our customers”, said Irawan Purwono, President Director of PT. Nusantara Compnet Integrator.

“Votiro is a zero-trust content security company delivering safe files to hundreds of commercial and government organizations worldwide. Votiro ZT Cloud is an open API solution to disarm and provide a completely safe and fully functional file at the speed of business, covering multiple attack vector and point of entry to the organisation. With the continuation of our successful partnership with Compnet Indonesia, Votiro and Compnet are partnered up to support Indonesian end users in mitigating zero-day attacks and other file-borne attacks and facilitating the seamless flow of safe files for organizations.” said Oren Maguid, VP APAC and MEA from Votiro.

From now on for all kind of customers in Indonesia who needs more information, consultation, and discussion about Votiro solution can contact us through [email protected] or visit our website

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